Photo Manager at Lita Trading Corp Photo Coordinator at Condé Nast, at Condé Nast, Shooter. This 1,100 sq. ft. mid century professional attic space is open, vibrant, and well equipped for photography and movie launches in addition to staging for column, listing and marketing productions. Shopper area, make-up stand and exclusive dressingroom in each studio with use of common kitchen and toilet with shower. We've space which can be booked out for large events (i.e: parties, trend exhibits, sector activities) along with smaller features, we've many personal studios that can be employed for photo-shoots, castings, dance rehersals, read throughs, and much more.

Glassdoor enables you to search all open Picture Studio Director jobs NY, in Newyork. There are 124 Photo Studio Director job openings in Nyc. The Gallery delivers distinct white surfaces in two diverse displaying suites: the back-room wherein the Party Studio area itself also offers for presenting artists partitions opportunity and the front area. Capabilities add a fiberoptic wireless network with rates of 150Mbps along plus a State-of- the- Craft Creston Sound-System, personal to each business. Each business gets the capability to carry an automobile which can be brought in together with the houses vehicle elevator.

Professional photography studio with significant wall to wall windows facing East & South (6 each side) for adequate natural lighting. SoHo/Nolita Skilled image business with large wall to wall windows facing East & South (6 each facet) for ample natural lighting. Multi-level townhouse in Village available for video shoots photo shoots, Photo studio new york and functions events. Groundfloor facility has individual entry, home, and toilet, plus performance period set-up & DJ booth. Light-Room Photo Studio fully-functional attic photography studio for rent full of huge Cyc and fantastic pure light.