Men and women contact Revere Clinics to discuss how they can permanently get rid of fat. Especially those stubborn fat areas and hard to shift bulges that no amount of dieting and gym sessions will shift! The treatment I usually recommend to my patients (I say ‘usually’ because until I see a patient I cannot make a full assessment) is CoolSculpting. Whatever your gender, it’s perfect for those with a one to three-inch skin pinch and the good news is that CoolSculpting requires no needles, no surgery and no downtime.
The only FDA-approved system of its kind, it, was invented by a clever team at Massachusetts General and Harvard and uses revolutionary cooling technology to target, freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells effectively, noticeably and forever. The Coolsculpting cup-sized, curved applicator, draws in the bulge, freezes the fat cells within a defined region of the body to trigger a fat reduction process. The drop in temperature causes the fat cells to die. The dead fat cells are then naturally eliminated by the body’s own immune system between three and eight weeks after the procedure, with a noticeable associated tightening in the skin. You can usually expect to lose about a third of the fat targeted, and multiple areas can be treated on the same day. Patients lose approximately a small cup worth of fat per cycle.
Another plus is that CoolSculpting is relatively comfortable - there is a pulling sensation from the applicator for the first two minutes, but this disappears quickly as the temperature drop begins to numb the area. Patients find the treatment painless enough to be able to read, use their iPad and some even have a siesta! I advise patients that although risks are minimal, they do include post treatment redness and bruising, temporary numbness and the odd cramp in the treated area a few days after the treatment. There is no chance of getting frostbite!
At Revere Clinics 60% of patients have CoolSculpting on their tummy area, but it is also commonly used on flabby areas such as love handles, buttocks, thighs, underarms and bra folds. In men, non-glandular ‘man boobs’ are a popular area.
When researching fat removal options, I urge prospective patients to note that there are other copy-cat procedures, some similarly-named, but they do not have FDA approval or the associated safety standards that I expect to offer my patients. The risks of these counterfeit devices, which lack the safety features, include burns, blisters and scarring.

At Revere we take pride in our skills in achieving planned sculpting to improve the body’s contour and giving patients an enviable silhouette. A consultation is essential to determine if CoolSculpting is right for you and that’s when we also discuss a personalised treatment and budget plan.
Dr Sach Mohan, Cosmetic Physician and founder of Revere, practises at his Clinics in Harley Street, central London and Northwood, just to the west of London.